About the current situation of the printing industry

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About the current situation of the printing industry

Printing and dyeing, also known as dyeing and finishing, is a processing method and a general term for pretreatment, dyeing, printing, finishing, washing and other processes.The dyed cloth is a product processed by a part of the post-processing process of the woven gray cloth.Printing and dyeing products can be mainly divided into pure cotton dyed cloth, pure cotton printed cloth, cotton blended dyed cloth, cotton blended printed cloth, synthetic filament fabric, polyester staple fiber fabric, T/C printed and dyed cloth, man-made staple fiber fabric, etc.Clothing is one of the most important application fields of printing and dyeing cloth. 

In recent years, the needs of various consumer groups have turned to the trend of fashion, culture, brand and image, and the clothing industry is facing transformation and upgrading.With the continuous introduction of the old and the new in the transformation of the industry, various printing machine equipment have undergone large-scale reforms. The significance of realizing intelligence, environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency is becoming more and more important.High-end equipment production can improve energy conservation, emission reduction and clean production on the basis of reducing labor costs, improving production efficiency, product quality and stability.



With the continuous improvement of the level of intelligence, intelligent manufacturing will play an increasingly important role in the transformation and upgrading of the industry.To improve the green manufacturing system, with the stricter environmental protection and higher emission standards, the improvement of green and low-carbon printing and dyeing industry is becoming more and more important.

The printing and dyeing industry began to transform and upgrade.MANKSON brand burners cooperated with China's leading brand China Jilong (Caidie) printing machines to develop low-emission, high-energy-saving, ultra-environmental-friendly models for global users.MANKSON brand burners are equipped with a new technical method of electronic proportional adjustment on the hot oven of Jilong (Caidie) printing machine.Air and gas linkage, in order to adapt to the optimal combustion conditions, the burner is equipped with electronic proportional adjustment.The linkage adjustment ratio is as high as 1:42.So as to achieve high precision temperature control.Precise gas control valve design, front-end hybrid combustion method, beautiful structure, full-process flame monitoring, safe and efficient combustion operation, stable air-fuel ratio, direct-fired heating system, strong adaptability to load changes and high constant temperature.Many printing machines in China are equipped with MANKSON burners.



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