About the perfect match between MANKSON and foaming furnace

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Foaming furnace is a common industrial equipment, mainly used to produce plastic foam products.Its working principle is to heat and melt plastic particles and expand them by injecting gas to form foamed plastic products.The overall components of the equipment of the foaming furnace are composed of heating system, electric control system, gas injection system and mold.The heating system is usually heated by electric heating and gas heating. The heating method makes the raw materials reach the melting state through indirect heating.The gas injection system is to inject gas into the molten raw material through the nozzle to make it expand (gas injection can inject air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases).The main job of the electronic control system is to control parameters such as heating temperature, gas injection volume and time to ensure product quality, stable state and production efficiency. The mold mainly plays the role of shaping, plasticity and shaping.



 The working principle of the foaming furnace is simple, but special attention needs to be paid to safety issues in practical application.For example, heating gas injection needs to adjust the temperature control and heating time through the plasticity of raw materials.Because the difference in material will lead to the increase of the volume of the foaming effect, there is a gap of several times to dozens of times.In addition, it is necessary to prevent gas leakage, stop open flames, and change in temperature differences. Ensure sufficient safe production conditions.

The types of foaming raw materials are relatively rich, which can be polystyrene, polyurethane, ethylene-ethyl ethylene copolymer and other materials.The working principle is mostly realized by chemical reaction or thermodynamic reaction.For example, polyurethane is a chemical substance that can react with isocyanate. When polyurethane reacts with it, a large amount of gas will be generated, which makes the entire foaming process happen quickly.Therefore, the selection of the equipped heating system equipment is particularly important.The configuration of the MANKSON gas burner, the indirect heating method through the oven modification not only efficiently solves the production problem, but the MANKSON gas burner is also sufficient to ensure its safety.The characteristics of the MANKSON gas burner are through the perfect combination of the high-precision pressure regulating valve, the double combined solenoid valve and the mechanical mixer, not only the safety protection performance is extremely high, but also the control performance is stable and reliable, so that the fuel can be fully burned through the MANKSON burner , and the running noise is extremely small, it is one of the few perfect products that is efficient, green and environmentally friendly.

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