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Burner MK-220


Technical Parameters:

Flame length600mm
Adaptive fuelnatural gas liquefied gas
Program controlTBC2800/LME/LFL
Maximum gas consumption35 cubic / hour
Flame monitoringC7027/QRA4/ion probe
Power range290KW
Body weight18.5kg
Adjust ratio1:45
Gas caliberDN25
Motor Power250w
Power supply3*380/N/PE 50Hz

Performance characteristics:

Fully automatic proportional adjustment Brand-new combustion method design

Full flame monitoring, safe, efficient and stable operation

Adjustable selected ignition time 2s5s8s aging optional

Compact appearance design Easy to install and replace

Design mechatronic product design according to EN676 standard requirements

High-precision proportional adjustment, ultra-high-precision temperature control

Practical range

Various negative pressure working conditions, process air direct heating or indirect heating working conditions, suitable for textile industry stenter setting machine printing machine drying room, decorative paper impregnating machine hot air heating furnace drying furnace leather industry foaming furnace wet line indirect Heated drying line, used in medicine, food, tea, grain hot air drying industry

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