Burner installation and commissioning

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Burner installation and commissioning

Burner installation:

1. Installation requirements, fix the burner on the oven through the connecting flange, and make sure that there is no smoke or air leakage at the connection.

2.Before starting the burner, ensure that the steam inlet and return pipes are unblocked, and the valve on the steam path is opened. Pressure is normal.

When working, the air supply pressure of the barometer is (25-500Mbar).

Commissioning of the burner:

1.When the burner is started and the flame is lit, carefully observe its color, the ignition power of the flame, and the output speed of the emitted flame.

2. If the color of the flame is red, the ignition intensity is poor, and the fire speed is small, then adjust the pressure adjustment ratio of the first-stage pressure reducing valve and continue to increase until the flame is yellowish and slightly dazzling, and its ignition is strong and powerful. , Moderate speed of fire can be.

3. After the burner burns normally, turn off the power and turn it off after working for a few minutes, and then turn it on again after a few minutes to check whether the ignition and combustion are normal. If the alarm light is on after starting the burner, you need to wait at least 20 seconds before pressing the reset button again to restart.



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