Burners for various working conditions

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Burners for various working conditions

In the broad concept of burners, household gas stoves, lighters, etc. can be considered as a type of burner. According to its working principle, the burner can be defined as a kind of equipment that converts combustible gas substances into heat energy through the chemical reaction method of medium combustion—that is, the air and fuel are mixed in appropriate proportions through the premixing device so that It burns well.

Burners can be classified in various ways according to their different properties. According to the fuel method, it is divided into oil burner, gas burner, light oil burner and dual fuel burner. Among them: in specific applications, oil burners will be divided into light oil burners, heavy oil burners, etc.; gas burners are divided into natural gas burners, city gas burners, etc.

Divided according to the combustion control method of the burner: single-stage fire burner, double-stage fire burner, proportional adjustment burner. According to the fuel atomization method, it is divided into: mechanical atomization burner, medium atomization burner; according to the structure, it is divided into: integral burner and split burner. Among them, the split burner is mainly used in industrial production. Its main feature is that the combustion system, air supply system, and control system are all disassembled and installed. Various machines are mainly suitable for various working conditions and special working environments such as high temperature.


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