How to choose a burner solenoid valve

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How to choose a burner solenoid valve

Solenoid valve, as an industrial automation control instrument, is becoming more and more popular with the development of industry.

 Many people don't know how to select and identify solenoid valves when they buy them, and they will buy and misuse them by mistake.

Solenoid valve is a very practical industrial product with great extensibility, and there are many product models and technical indicators of solenoid valve.

When purchasing, you can look for the following three indicators to obtain solenoid valve products with good performance.

To select solenoid valve products, it is the first step to identify the product production qualification of the enterprise.Solenoid valves belong to the national special equipment. Relevant technical specifications and production qualifications of enterprises are strictly controlled by the state. Only by obtaining relevant qualification certificates issued by the state can we fundamentally protect our legal rights and avoid buying fake and shoddy products that do not meet industrial needs.Solenoid valves belong to industrial automation precision instruments, and the use and working environment of the products are relatively complicated.With the development of technology, the update cycle of products is getting shorter and shorter, and the quality of products is more and more stable. The R&D strength of enterprises considers the pursuit of products by enterprises.The technology of solenoid valve equipment is constantly being updated.

 As it becomes more and more common in industrial applications, solenoid valve products also have higher requirements in terms of precision, applicability, reliability and service life.The application fields of solenoid valves are very common, including food machinery, petrochemical industry, biopharmaceuticals, etc. It can be seen that the importance of solenoid valve products in industrial production.Therefore, after a long period of market verification and working condition inspection in the selection of solenoid valves, Mankson Burner finally chose the dual-valve group Madewelle solenoid valve with high stability and high cost performance.Through the precise ratio of Mankson burner and Madewelle solenoid valve group, it is stable and efficient in today's working conditions. The failure rate is extremely low.The Madewelle solenoid valve group is equipped with Mankson burner for working conditions, especially in the printing and dyeing industry, metal processing industry, and heating oven industry, etc., and the effect is obvious.


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