How to choose the right burner

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How to choose the right burner

A burner is a general term for a device that injects fuel and air into a quantitative manner for mixed combustion. Burners are divided into industrial burners, burners, civil burners, special burners and split burners according to types and application fields.

It is mostly made of corrosion-resistant and high-temperature-resistant materials such as special stainless steel or metal titanium. The role of the burner is to convert the gas into heat energy through the combustion of the wind and steam. The vaporized gas enters the burner. Under the action of flame temperature and flame atmosphere, through drying, melting, evaporation, dissociation and other processes, a large number of ground state atoms and some excited state atoms, ions and molecules are produced.A well-designed burner should have high efficiency, low noise, and stable flame performance to ensure high absorption sensitivity and temperature measurement precision. According to the different types of gas and supporting gas used, the length and width of the burner flame are different. Generally, the applicable gas and supporting gas are marked on the burner.

The split burner is the separate linkage control of the combustion-supporting fan and the air supply of the burner. The advantage is that the wind pressure and air volume of the fan and the combustion hot air can be selected according to different working conditions to increase the combustion efficiency, and it has a wide range of uses. Generally, the split burner is used Used in stenter setting machine, textile printing machine, hot air stove heating equipment, etc.The Chinese Mankson burner is the best principle to understand the working conditions and principles of the equipment used to meet the conditions of the supporting equipment.



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