Mankson Burner Market

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Mankson Burner Market

The low-temperature textile burner is a thermal energy device installed on the gray stenter setting machine, and the special burner for the stenter setting machine is an indispensable heating and temperature control equipment for the textile industry.The progress of domestic textile machinery has been very fast in recent years. With the improvement of the technical level of equipment and the faster pace of technological progress and renovation in the textile industry, the demand for gas burners is also increasing.From the perspective of the major categories of my country's textile machinery imports, the imports of six types of textile equipment have grown rapidly in the first half of 2019, especially the fastest growth in imports of spinning equipment, including projectile looms, automatic winders, and water jet looms. , flat looms, ring spinning machines, air-jet looms, etc. all have rapid growth, and the demand for low-temperature gas burners has also risen linearly.

Changzhou Mankson Thermal Energy Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture and sale of special gas burners for textile equipment. my country's textile enterprises have a strong demand for equipment renewal and transformation. Imported equipment is mainly concentrated in textile machinery powerhouses and regions. The supply market is mainly the European Union, Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland, South Korea, etc. In the first half of last year, there were four major markets with huge foreign exchange for imported textile equipment in my country. The European Union, Japan, Taiwan, and Switzerland accounted for most of the foreign exchange for textile equipment in China.The EU market is the largest market for my country's textile equipment imports, and it is also the first choice for my country's renewal and transformation of equipment to seek advanced machinery. Most of them are imported from Germany and Italy.In the first half of this year, my country's imports of equipment from the EU also grew rapidly. In the first half of the year, the imports exceeded US$1 billion, a year-on-year increase of more than 30%.Germany is a well-known textile machinery manufacturing country, and it is also the main country for my country's textile machinery imports. In recent years, my country's imports of textile machinery from Germany have also increased tremendously. Among them, knitting machinery and spinning machinery are the most imported from Germany.

Japan is the traditional market for my country's textile equipment imports, and it is also a big country in demand for stenter setting machine burners. A few years ago, my country imported tens of billions of dollars in foreign exchange for textile machinery imports from Japan, accounting for 3% of all textile equipment imports. More than ten. Among them, knitting machinery and looms are the most imported from Japan.Our Mankson Combustion is matched with many domestic textile equipment. At the same time, it also cooperates with imported equipment and joint venture companies to jointly develop various new equipment. If you want to know the application fields of Mankson gas burners, please feel free to call and contact us. You are welcome to inquire. We will sincerely serve you and provide our most professional technology and burner products.


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