Special gas burner for stenter setting machine

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Special gas burner for stenter setting machine

The special gas burner for stenter setting machine is specially designed for the application of hot air heating equipment. It has a compact structure and is easy to adjust. Electronic proportional regulation control.Dedicated to application equipment such as stenter setting machines and dryers in the textile industry. This product is a mechatronics product manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the EN676 standard.The program controller, servo motor, double solenoid valve group, pressure regulating valve, pressure switch and flame detector are all supporting international famous brand products, with complete safety protection functions, energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, stable and reliable performance.Whether at home or abroad, the most significant development of stenter setting machine in recent years is the development and application of automation technology.For example, the online detection and control technology of heating temperature control process parameters has realized real-time online detection and control of parameters such as temperature, speed, humidity, and moisture content;The gas burner realizes automatic metering; the use of machine vision technology realizes the visual detection of textile defects and color difference.



The stenter setting machine equipped with a gas burner has the largest space for technology and equipment development in printing and dyeing equipment. Various mechanical and electronic finishing technologies are used to improve the appearance and wearability of fabrics and increase the value of products.There are many kinds of equipment in this field, such as HANK FEUER . Magson and so on.Developed countries have a wide variety of products manufactured and equipped with sophisticated equipment. The fabrics processed by these heating and temperature-controlled equipment are soft and plump, with high added value.The stenter setting machine is the main finishing equipment, and high energy consumption is the main problem in the development of the stenter setting machine.Real-time control of the drying process can be carried out by detecting parameters such as the temperature of the cloth surface, the exhaust humidity of the drying room, and the moisture regain of the cloth.Therefore, the MankSon burner can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the equipment.Well-known foreign manufacturers of stenter setting machines include German Brueckner, Monforts,Domestic enterprises include Zhejiang Shengdong Printing and Dyeing Machinery, Shaoyang Textile Machinery, Shanghai Pacific Printing Machinery, etc.All are equipped with MankSon gas burner.

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