What are the characteristics of gas burners and how to operate them

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What are the characteristics of gas burners and how to operate them

1) High thermal efficiency: the adjustment ratio is as high as 1:40, the operation display code is simple, the combustion is sufficient, the combustion is clean, and the safety performance is high.

2) High safety: the burner is equipped with a small fire. When starting, light a small fire first, and when the small fire burns normally and stably, the automatic control system will open the main gas valve, and the fuel can enter the combustion chamber to burn normally, without deflagration;

3) Strong fuel compliance: This kind of burner is mainly suitable for natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas.


Since the main fuel of gas burners is flammable and explosive gas, great attention should be paid to safety during use and storage, otherwise serious safety accidents will occur.

Start-up operation:

1. For newly installed combustion chambers, carefully check whether the gas meets the requirements of the burner before commissioning; check whether the detection instruments on the gas supply pipeline are normal and whether the pipeline valves are opened and closed normally, and whether it is convenient for future use and maintenance.

2. For newly installed pipelines, carefully check the installation reliability and tightness of all pipelines.

3. Users who use a separate gasification station must ensure that the gas supply volume and gas supply parameters meet the requirements for safe combustion.

4. Operators carefully read the equipment operation manual, and are proficient in mastering the knowledge and methods of safe operation.

5. Before each start-up, check whether the gas valve is open, otherwise the burner will not work.

6. Start the power control button on the control cabinet, and the digital display will display the current temperature in the furnace at this time, and the temperature of the newly installed furnace body is the ambient temperature.

7. Start the fan control button, and the fan installed on the furnace body will work. At this time, if the fan is damaged, the control cabinet will be automatically maintained and will not enter the next step.

8. When the combustion-supporting fan works without abnormality, start the combustion control button again, and the combustion program controller will start to work at this time, and it will stop ignition, air supply, flame detection, and other procedures to complete safe combustion through certain procedures.

9. When the combustion controller receives a signal that is not conducive to combustion, etc., the combustion controller immediately shuts off the gas and sends an alarm signal.

10. If the combustion controller alarms, it must be manually reset by the operator after the fault is resolved before it can continue to work.

11. For the operation of the entire equipment, the operator should refer to the safety operation regulations of the furnace body and the production process to request to stop the operation.

12. When adjusting the control temperature according to the requirements of the production process, the operator should refer to the manual of the intelligent numerical control meter for adjustment.



Shutdown operation:

1)There are two situations for shutting down:The first is: when the temperature in the furnace reaches the set value, it will automatically shut down. At this time, the operator does not need to do anything. When the temperature in the furnace is lower than the set value, the controller will automatically start up.

2)The second is: when shutting down artificially or switching off, the operator should operate the shutdown according to the reverse order of the startup

 (a. first turn off the combustion control button, b. turn off the fan button, c. turn off the power button)

3)When the shutdown time is long, the operator should close the gas pipeline valve to avoid gas leakage.

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